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Lyrics on OneNote (especially for WP7 users!)

I’ve switched over to Windows Phone 7 recently, and while I love the interface and all, the music player doesn’t show lyrics like the iPhone does, sadly. As such, I’m using OneNote to view lyrics (there are lyrics apps, but if you’ve visited my site you’ll know I have the native + romanized + translated lyrics in one place). If you are also using WP7 or just want the lyrics in OneNote, here’s the link: Link.

If you’re using WP7, I’m not quite sure how you can add the folder to your synced files, or if it’s possible at all. You can access it from your Recent documents though, although when I tried the sections were kind of messed up. In any case, you can just download and upload it to your own SkyDrive account.

Right now there’s only 3 songs on it though, since I’m mostly just using it for my own viewing. Also, I’ll be pretty busy so I doubt I’ll be updating it much. I’ll try to update more if there are people using it though.

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