The lyrics posted on this site will compile all 3 versions of a song’s lyrics (native, romanized and translated) to facilitate viewing on iPhone/iPod (or any other smartphone/MP3 player). Or, if you are learning a language and would like to see the lyrics this way.

In general, the lyrics posted here are not done up by me, but by their respective authors as credited in the posts. If you would like to use the lyrics, do contact and/or credit their respective authors instead. There may be multiple sources for some of the lyrics, so take note of that. If you want to use the lyrics as a whole (i.e. the site’s format of native + romanized + translated, read: copy-paste) do link back to this site as well (on top of crediting the original authors), because formatting multiple lyrics does take some effort. XD


Songs are split by categories as listed in the header menu: Chinese Artistes, Chinese Series, Japanese Artistes, Japanese Series, Korean Artistes and Korean Series. Artistes are listed by their English/romanized name for convenience, followed by their native name, if any. Names are based on Asian convention, i.e. family name first, with the exception of artistes who have English names. Series will refer to the name of the series (dramas/movies and for Japanese series, anime/games as well) that the song is associated with. Chinese and Korean series are generally listed by their English name together with their native name, whereas Japanese series are generally listed by their romanized name together with their native name.

Tags are used to further identify a song, e.g. anime, anime theme song, c-drama, j-movie, k-pop etc. If lyrics from an album are posted, the songs will be tagged under the album’s name as well.

A full index of the lyrics posted on this site can be found on the sitemap.

All intellectual property, trademarks and copyrights contained in any articles or content on the site are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Contact me

Lastly, if you spot any mistakes or if you need to email me for anything, you can do so by filling up the contact form below (or you can just leave a comment).

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